Friday, July 31, 2015

Finalist in the Black Swan Portrait Prize

I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted to be a finalist in the Black Swan portrait Prize. Congratulations to the other finalists. And also to everyone who many talented people out there. This particular portrait is a very personal one to me, so it feels extra special that it was accepted. The artist statement below touches on the personal aspect of the work.

'A Study in Water' 
Oil on Canvas 150cm x 107cm

This work explores how creators employ art to work through grief. Coming from a personal breakup that involved betrayal over a period of 5 years, I wanted to examine how art can help us deal with these emotions. The water symbolises being submerged, and how the grieving process initially prevented me from making art for a period of time. But then the need to create breaks through, and by releasing our art we can explore these feelings and start to heal. This new creative beginning helped me realise that I was now happier than I had ever been those 5 years prior – I had swum to the surface.